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Welcome to AQUA.

The Active Quarantine User Ally (AQUA) is a Hub Culture powered assistant enabling fluid movement for people placed under quarantine restrictions

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What is AQUA?

The service enables users to manage aspects of control over the data generated around their quarantine status.


Is AQUA secure?

AQUA privately and securely transmits data to relevant authorities when needed, but leaves the user in control of data, with retained ownership and transparency of use by authorities, and the ability to recall access if desired by the user.


How can I obtain an AQUA unit?

For more information, or to order a unit, contact [email protected].


How does AQUA work?

AQUA includes a four-part system developed with LSCM for the Hong Kong and Bermuda governments that includes a wrist based display unit, a special data protocol, smart phone applications and an issuer management console.

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